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At Quick Homebuyers, we understand that sometimes situations may arise and for whatever reason, you may want to sell your home fast rather than taking the time to list it with a real estate agent. With a cash offer from Quick Homebuyers, there are no agent fees whatsoever, and we pay 100% of the closing cost. For more than 36 years, Ed Rooney and his family have bought and sold more than 3,000 homes in the Washington DC Metro Area, helping many families sell their homes quickly. It’s not only about buying homes, it’s about solving problems for the sellers.

Below are just a few of the services that we offer:

  • We buy houses in need of repairs for cash, in “as is” condition! You make absolutely no repairs.
  • We pay 100% of the closing cost, including both sides of transfer and recordation taxes which are normally split 50/50. In other words, if nothing is owed and there are no liens of any kind on the property, you as the seller walk out the door with the exact amount of the contract offer and not a penny less.
  • If needed, we can settle in as little as 3 days!
  • Sell now – move out later! Maybe you have been shopping around for another property you are interested in, but you need the funds from your current home to put down on the new home before you move out. (Call us for more details).
  • Initially, we can give you a ballpark offer over the phone after running some internal numbers on comparable sales in your neighborhood. You are never under any obligation, and we never do a hard sell!
  • We base our offer on properties on 2 criteria; first, how much will the property sell remodeled, and second, what is the cost of repairs, $50,000, or $150,000.
    (Investors do not rely on tax assessments or appraisals. Appraisals are what a homeowner would rely on if planning on listing their property with a real estate agent, and selling it to another homeowner).
  • The final offer for the property will be determined once we view the property with our contractor.

Situations where you may want to sell your home quickly, for a cash offer, in as-is condition

  • The house needs too many repairs in order to sell to a homeowner and you simply don’t want to deal with that headache of repairing it yourself.
  • Don’t want to pay the real estate agent fees of 6%, and then wait to get a written offer hoping the potential buyer’s loan does not fall through.
  • Relocating or getting a job transfer.
  • Behind in your payments.
  • Tired of dealing with bad tenants.
  • Dealing with a divorce.
  • You may have inherited a property and want/need to sell it.

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