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How We Buy Houses

We have simplified the process of selling your home. Mr. Rooney and his family have formed a business plan that provides homeowners with an alternative approach to selling their property the conventional way using a real estate agent.

At Quick Homebuyers, we know that selling your home fast can feel overwhelming, which is why we work extra hard to make the process as simple and easy for you as possible. We’ve helped many homeowners sell their homes in the past, making the road “from start to sold” as fast, efficient, and professional as possible.

We have found that the number one most asked question that we get from our clients is… “Can you really do what you say you’re going to do”?… And the answer is absolutely… WE DO WHAT WE SAY WE ARE GOING TO DO!

We buy properties in “as-is” condition, there are no repairs to be made by you as the seller, and we can settle in as little as 3 days (if needed). How much faster and simpler can selling your home get? We will ask you just a few questions about the property that will take less than 5 minutes like:

  • What is the general condition of the property?
  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms?
  • How many levels in the house, including the basement?
  • If there’s a basement, is it finished or partially finished?
  • Is there on-street or off-street parking?

The information above will help us do the necessary research to locate comparable homes in your neighborhood. We compare square footage, style/type, that have sold in remodeled condition within the last several months. That information along, with the estimated cost of repairs will assist us in making you the ballpark offer before visiting your home. If you consider the offer to be in the ballpark of what you’re looking for, then we schedule a time to visit the property and spend about 15 minutes walking through the house.

After visiting the property and doing the walk-through, we will most likely at that time make you the final offer; please note that at this time you most definitely do not have to sign the offer and you are more than welcome to show the contract offer to your attorney and/or advisor for their input and then get back to us. There are absolutely no high-pressure tactics whatsoever.

When a sales price is agreed upon, and you are ready to sign the contract offer, we will set a settlement date that works for you (if needed, we can settle in less than 1 week). Most of our clients don’t normally need a settlement that quickly, but if you do we will do everything we can to accommodate you. You can also take as much time as needed when considering a settlement date, there is no rush on our end.

We stand by our promise to buy your home and we will be ready to close by the date agreed. We make every effort to ensure a smooth and hassle-free settlement. We handle all of the paperwork and will deal with any lawyers you need to have involved, if there are any. We stay in constant communication with you straight through settlement and all the settlements are conducted by a licensed attorney and title company.

The title company usually wires you the settlement proceeds on the same day or the next day after settlement has taken place. Then it’s up to you, your fresh start begins now!

At this point Quick Homebuyers has helped you sell your home using the most professional, fastest and hassle-free way possible. If you’re like most of our clients, you’ll want to share the news with your friends. We appreciate referrals and are happy to help your friends and family sell their home!

We invite you to visit the testimonial page to watch our real life video testimonials for prior homeowners that we have helped.

We buy homes in the Metro DC area, Maryland and Northern Virginia. If you don’t see your area listed, call us. We may still be able to help you!

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How We Buy Houses

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